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Pls help me I’m lost


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I have been married for 16 yrs two children and I have not had a good childhood to say the least and a lot of therapy to deal with it now with that comes learing about my self and coping tools but I have been systematically dismantled to say the least from outside in and inside out any confidence and selfasteem I had built

has been ripped apart I am not allowed friends she made me choose between my dad and her and the marriage I Choose  the kids and her have my youngest has never met her grandfather because she says if so she will leave From what I know she is a narrassist controlling and I dont wanna leave but I feel like I don’t have a choice anymore she plays head games with our intamcy we go a month with out and I say something and she says all I want to do is get between her legs it’s not like that in a way I wanna make love to my wife and she makes me feel guilty for being that way I don’t know why the hell

is ok and what is not it’s always changing this weekend and into this week I have sat at the other end of the couch to

see what would happen she doesn’t touch me nothing and when I tried she said dont touch me amd when I said like it been a month what’s going on here she said ya that’s all you want is between my legs so now im

wondering if me waiting a month quietly which we’ve gone as far as six months almost year and yet I’m still fcking here she says she ain’t cheating but she also said she never touched herself well that wa say lie as I woke up to her doing that after two three months of her not touching me when I said wtf she said I thought I’d make my self happy like that really made me feel good but funny cause when we do have sex she says it’s always good but then why say that anyway pls  help

me what do I do is it me am I the bad guy I do all the laundry all the cooking cleaning look after the kids and the house and wrk then Covid hit pls




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3 hours ago, Cdnlost said:

I have been married for 16 yrs two children

Sorry to hear that 😕. Do you both work? How are the kids, finances, etc ? What stressors are there?

You seem to start out complaining about a bad childhood, then segue into your lack of friends then complain about lack of sex then complain about masturbation then speculate on cheating.

What is wrong with your family/childhood that the kids shouldn't be around them?

You seem to portray yourself as the victim of everything and everyone from your family to lack of sex to covid.

There seems to be a great deal of contempt and resentment in your marriage. 

You need to consider marriage therapy because it appears there's a lack of communication, a great deal of hostility and an excess focus on yourself and your needs.

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