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My ex broke up with me nearly 4 months ago. The history between us is complicated. He pursued me then went cold, we then were friends but got back together but he told me he wasnt sure he could ever love again after a painful divorce but he kept coming back to me so I thought something was there and worth trying for but shortly after he went travelling to Asia for 3 months and when he came back he was cold and distant. He stayed over but didnt want sex which I thought was odd as after 3 months he should be gagging for it. In the morning he said he couldn't give me what I want and broke it off saying he was no good for anyone and that he didnt want to be in a relationship but 6 weeks later he was flirting with me again so we decided to be fwb and a year later we got more serious and I asked him if I can now be his gf. He said yes and for 2 years we had a good relationship apart from the odd thing now and again that would upset me but i let it go coz I loved him and just put it down to his relationship issues. However he suddenly ended it very cowardly by text and was quite horrible as to why and just switched out of the blue like he had just gone off me. I was blindsided so found it hard to understand so I text him a few times to just ask why he could so this to me but he ignored most of my texts. I have now just found out that he slept with a girl in Vietnam and I guess that's why he was odd when he came home. I also found out that he slept with a friend of his who he always told me he would never but that she loved him but they were just friends. She hated me and I always said to him that it would make sense if he had slept with her for her to behave like that but he was so convincing that he was never interested in her and couldn't as she was not his type and she smoked. I know it changes nothing and its another reason to be glad he is out of my life but I feel so foolish and want to confront him about it but not sure how to. We were such good mates and had so much fun together but I guess he didnt see it how i did. But the 3 years we had is now ruined in my head as I loved him not knowing he cheated on me when he was travelling and also lied about sleeping with his friend just around the time we was starting out. How do I deal with this, it's going mad in my head just when I was getting stronger about the break up and how he did that, I feel like I'm back to square one crying all the time. Shall I confront him or see if I calm down and maybe mention it in the future if i ever do see him again but he is avoiding me and keeping away. How do I let this not bother me?

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I remember your previous threads. This man treated you horribly.


No, do not confront him or contact him for any reason. He doesn't care about how badly he treated you before and he will not care now.


Do not try any more methods to try to get him back. You and your kids are better off without that horrible man in your life.

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