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No matter how many girls you have sex with you are afflicted. A cursed soul of someone who really loved and lost. And that hurt was so bad, so tremendous that you can never love again. You may not even survive it. You just want things to go the way you picture them in your head, but that’s not reality. You want it so bad you long for it; you want her to be this person in your head so badly but she just isn’t. Yet why does this feel so wrong. Why do I feel so lost , and as if I have this gaping hole in my chest where my heart used to be? It’s been years and I’m still not over this. It’s been a decade of failure. Remind yourself ! It was toxic bad, bad for all of us. Surely you can’t still love her? Who knows how many secrets she kept lord knows she didn’t love you! She tried to Destroy you and everything you were. She’s had you thrown in jail, she’s taken your child away out of selfishness! What is broken inside you that you would still undeniably love someone who shattered your heart into so many pieces... that you couldn’t put them back together? You are broken for life.

I’m looking through the things she left... I’ve got nothing better to do. And I find this diary she has diaries. And in this particular diary she’s talking about a guy I had never known of after 10 years. How couldn’t I know this? Why do I care? Why did my heart sink? Have I been made a fool of? Is love really just a trick? A cruel trick.

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Sorry to hear that. Was domestic violence involved?

You need to stay away. Are you on parole? Was a restraining order filed?


Are you allowed supervised visitation? It's best to keep getting therapy and focus on your work, paying child support and making sure you steer clear of more legal problems.


. She’s had you thrown in jail, she’s taken your child away out of selfishness! trick?
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