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3 hours ago, boltnrun said:

It's not likely he "wants a future" with someone he dated for a month two years ago.

I would bet he's not obsessing over those few dates or imagining himself married to someone from his distant past who he wasn't even in a relationship with.

We tend to romanticize the past when our present is dissatisfying and our future looks bleak. So instead of pretending this man is the answer, how about making changes to your life to make it more satisfying?

Thank you boltnrun !


yes I am focusing on my career taking my registration exams for my career , I became a vegan ! Im already feeling healthier and better about my body and just loving just being me and discovering what I want for me to be happy 

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You cannot love someone you've known for 30 days. It's called a crush. Your skewed mentality is nothing a layman can fix on this forum. You need a life coach and psychological therapy since you're cho

That belief is limiting you. So is this one: You can change your beliefs if you choose. But it's your life, your decision. You have to live with it.

yes wiseman - you are wise.    you are right - he is not interested in continuing any sort of contact.   I get it I just don’t really want to accept that and move on.   

update- we talked on pinterest only communication avenue when I googled him he has kind of a generic name but I was able to find him remembering the original handle of the first email address he gave me to contact him


It was wonderful being able to bridge a gap and find some closure.


he told me he was in a serious relationship and that he loves his girlfriend immensely and all he wants from me is friendship but then we talked about all the wonderful memories we shared 


he apologized for shutting me out and that he thinks about me often and I said I respect that he communicated his feelings and such we live an hour apart he told me a great story about how he climbed a mountain and had a vision etc and it was like we had not stopped talking ever 


and kisses and such and wished him a good weekend and then he said text me any time and I said the same 


however I don’t think we will ever talk again. 


generally a good ending though. thanks everyone for your help 

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On 12/3/2020 at 1:31 AM, boobasil20 said:

1 month - whilrwind romance 

Sorry this happened. It seems like he was having a fling with you and he's been in a long term relationship all along.

Now that you have answers, move forward.

Delete and block him from all your social media and messaging apps. 

Get on some quality dating apps and start talking to and meeting men.

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On 12/10/2020 at 3:40 PM, boobasil20 said:

He has blocked me everywhere and I honestly don’t remember anyone or anywhere to find him and tell him how much I care 

Is he in a relationship? What did he send you?

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17 hours ago, Wiseman2 said:

Is he in a relationship? What did he send you?

it is a small box wrapped in the most beautiful bright pink wrapping ...


the card says - ‘it’s time to move on , I wish you all the best...


...????? what is the ... ????? I can’t take this it never ever ends. why can’t we just have closure 


really though , Im good. Im used to constantly feeling this way im not sad or anything just happy that I got to meet this person! 


if he says move on - huh ? Im dumbfounded why would he out 3 dots at the end of that ?!


the box is so well wrapped I can’t open it i mean too afraid. thanks guys

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