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Almost "roomate" problem - out of control


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The idea that you can handle this to her liking is delusional. When someone is abusing you, their whole MO is to make you the villain no matter what you do. That's how they keep you in line.


You say she gets PO'd at you for stupid stuff, so let her get snitty, then tell her you're tired of her snits and want her to leave.


In other words, leverage the time she's already angry with you to tell her what you really want--her exit.


You'll never come out of this smelling like a rose, so why not just lean into it and get your needs met? Whoever doesn't like it can lump it. Letting the chips fall is how you'll learn who your REAL friends are--and if there are none left? You can make better friends without the eggshell walk of a false 'need' to please.


The earlier you disabuse yourself of confusing users with friends, the more liberated your life will become.


Head high, and embrace your inner villain. You will thank yourself later.

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