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That smile melts my heart and gives me strength. I’m trying to hang on for you baby you give me strength. I’m sorry this happened and me and your mom couldn’t make it work but sometimes that’s destiny. I promised you a good Christmas and now I can’t give that to you. My greatest fear is to disappoint you. And I feel like I have and I’m sorry. But I’m here baby waiting for you to come back to me. Daddy loves you eternally. There’s not a place in the universe I would not travel for you. Let me bear any sadness you might feel or any worries, let me bear it baby. You just continue to be my happy little girl... daddy isn’t going anywhere.

I’ve been away for a while, well that’s because I let her back in. She called and stated she had nowhere to go and so I couldn’t just let me kid be homeless. There is a lot to tell but, we never saw eye to eye, she would try to argue with me almost every single day when I came home from work... I didn’t know why. Was she the one miserable because she didn’t know how to do anything for herself? But she expected me to cater to her , and so to keep the peace whatever she asked for I got for her. My only concern was keeping my kid safe and I’m a stable home. Fast forward...before my child was born she had got two convictions of dv because I had called on her. The second call she was attacking me while I was driving because she was upset I wouldn’t give her money basically. Anyway six years later she’s living with me because I stupidly let her come back. I come home after work one day she immediately states I need to clean the pets cage. I state “well why haven’t you done it you’ve been home?”. She gets upset and walks away. Moments later I decide to just go and clean it for the peace, and so while I’m bent over cleaning it she wants to direct me on how to do it and so I’m doing it, but then I do something the wrong way and she literally strikes me on the back while I’m bent over. I kind of shoved her so she wouldn’t hit me again, she called her dad and tells him I slapped her and then he tells her to call the cops. Next thing you know I’m in jail. Her dad had been in town for a couple weeks from Arizona and she had been plotting to take my daughter and stay with him which I was ok with as long as I could still see her too. She knew she couldn’t just take her without my permission though. And so after this occurred she’s taken my kid and claims I’m dangerous and abusive mind you there was no evidence that anything had occurred. My mom had recently called to ask if they could spend some time with my daughter because they usually keep her every weekend... and she told them no and she doesn’t feel safe because I’m around. Mind you she has been living with me and I have been taking care of her And my daughter by myself for years. So now it’s been a month since I’ve seen my kid because she is keeping her away. And there is a custody order established because I went and got it done years ago so she would not be able to do this. But not I have false accusations on me because of her. My mom says well what does you and him have to do with us seeing the baby? That got nowhere she is claiming she doesn’t feel safe which is totally bs. So I can’t see my kid. And I don’t know how long this is gonna take.

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Do you have a court ordered custody/visitation and child support order in place?


"Plotting to take"? Don't make children a tug of war in whatever issues you have with each other .


It's not good for kids to be trapped in your on/off war and be subjected to domestic violence .

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