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Friends do not treat friends like this. He is a horrific partner, friend and parent. This guy is bottom of the barrel! Eliza, how could you have any respect for someone who treated their child and partner in such a disrespectful manner.


This guy is such a parasite! . What was attractive about him?

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Boyfriend keeps losing jobs


There are no judges or juries in our love lives, so nobody else gets a vote. That's exactly why it's up to us and our maturity to recognize and separate our emotions from our behavior.


It's possible to love someone from far away--with room to allow our best interests to check our emotions.


This is not a moral finger-wag, it's practical. It's encouragement to allow your private vision for your own future to prevail.


Is this guy and his behavior what you envision for your future?


You can't change or 'fix' the guy, so fix your vision, instead. You will thank yourself later.


Head high.

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I think I was also really cruel too by essentially kicking them both out. I meant it as a “if you’re going to just ignore me, then leave” kind of thing but it came out wrong and as soon as I said it, it was like he just totally exploded and I didn’t even have time to say anything else.


It was kind to YOU.

The kid has somewhere to go -- he has a mother who he lives with all week long and she can surely keep him over the weekends until your ex figures out his living situation.

The child is not homeless by any stretch.

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He'll come back once he feels you've been sufficiently punished and after you beg and cry a bit longer. Then he'll know he has the upper hand and will be assured you'll pay for everything with no more complaints because you fear losing him again.


Don't let that scenario play out. This man is taking advantage of you and you've been letting him. Don’t allow it any longer.


You're better off and soon you'll realize it.

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