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cross cultural realtionship, cultural differences....emotional rollercoaster

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The thing is that duing our first 3,5 months, yes she was my ideal partner. We got along really well. We felt really comfortable in each other's company. We were a good team. But when I look at our last month then I would say: No, she wasn't my ideal partner.


That's why I'd like to know what happened during the last month, what made her change her behaviour. I think it was a combination of many things but I am very certain it had something to do with the fact I was ill 3 times and felt very dependent and insecure (I couldn't find a new apartment, I didn't know about my flights, about my future etc.). I wasn't my most attractive self during this time.


People unfold. 3 months on you knew x and y about her, 6 months on you also knew a and b and c. She hasn’t changed, you’ve learned more about her personality. In my experience it takes 2 years to really test out a relationship and learn if it’s a good fit. You make it past 2 years, then you probably have a good one.


Someone who falls out of sync with you after 5 months isn’t the one for you.

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Adding this now I’ve caught up.


You don’t have to miss out on exercise, for cardio get your hands on turbo fire, it’s a challenge.


For strength I’ve been using body weight workouts on YouTube. There are hundreds of them. Filter search results to long videos only and work out along side or get a sense of the correct form and then make your own. (I think steer clear of ones that call themselves fat burners or bootcamps, you don’t want HIIT, want to go slow and build muscle)

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