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I have a friend I've known for 2 years now, we talk daily and recently something happened that has caused me to pull back. He would often mention his bf and I didn't mind I didn't care that he mentioned him all the time. I just assumed he really liked his bf, but as time when on I felt like he was mentioning his bf to idk remind me of my place. Kinda as a way to make sure I don't step to close or get my expectations up. I don't have any romantic feelings for him seeing as how I'm gay and really only into women and he knows this. If there's a way to fix the situation I'm all ears because I'm just not sure. Maybe I'm overthinking but some second opinions would certainly be nice.

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Do you mind me asking why it bothers you that he brings up his partner or bf?


I wouldn't take it too personally or that it's directed at you. Depending on how long they've dated, he may be in the initial stages also and over the moon. It's natural to talk about someone a person really likes. A thought about the pandemic and the rules about sticking to your own social bubble probably also apply and that's just his reference or "bubble" most of the time - his bf.


I don't think you need to fix anything.

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