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Did She Cheat?


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My girlfriend and i, both 27years, have been dating for 3years and hope to marry soon.

A year ago her old schoolmate staying abroad got in touch with her prior to his visiting home. His conversations appeared flirty, i made my reservations known and was told by her im overreacting. During his 1month visit, they had a couple of outings(with other old mates) including a night out at the club. This was an issue because she refused going to a nightclub with me several times for some religious bs or whatever. Her excuse here was that another lady friend really wanted to go too and she didnt want to spoil the fun( also according to her i apparently didnt push hard enough when i wanted to club)


We talked and settled all this. Dude has gone back abroad. She assured me nothing happened during the visit and all the partying. Everything was fine until yesterday. I randomly use her phone and a text notification drops from dude saying "iv missed your kiss.that uber driver almost caught us being naughty in the backseat, haha".

So i asked her to look me in the eye and tell me the truth if anything happened with this guy. She looked me in the eye and lied 4 times till i gave up and showed her the text. She immediately flared up, saying the dude is lying, sent him threatning texts and blocked him. She kept denying it initially, saying hes being devious. The explanation now is he kissed her hand and cheeks but she stopped him before he got to the lips. She didnt want to admit because i'l go "i told you so" on her. Still denies kissing him.


Im damn hurt and i believe something happened. And probably more than just a kiss even.Which guy conjures stuff that didnt happen? And this likely means hes still been texting her all this while!. In retrospect i should have pretended to be her and replied the text to find out more but i was fuming and blew that chance. Im now being made to feel like an overreacting and jealous bf who wont take her word for it. Am i wrong to be sceptical?

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