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Girlfriend screenshot pic of her ex


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I've been with my girlfriend for 8 months. Very in love with her and I think she is me. We were good friends for months before we got together and I feel like I know her well. This afternoon I needed to check my email for something important, but my phone was dead so I asked to use hers and she had no problem. I accidently opened up her gallery instead of the app I needed. I could see on recent pics a pic of a guy. I could see he was a regular guy not some celebrity or something. I could see she was deep into her book so I checked it out. It was a social media selfie and I recognised the name to be an ex. The only reason I know it's an ex is that her family member had pics on social media from when they were together and it had his name, I have a good memory so the name and face just stuck in my head I guess.


She was with this guy like 10 years ago, this pic is from a few months ago but she screenshot it a few days ago, so this is extremely weird to me. I'm not someone who has trust or jealously issues and I'm pretty laid back about most things. But this has definitely concerned me. I haven't said anything. I spent enough time on forums just browsing stuff, I know many suggest not confronting right away. This is very weird behaviour right? So do I confront already, or do I try and dig deeper? I'm not the snooping type, so it doesn't really appeal to me, but half truths or straight up lies doesn't appeal to me either, if it's something I could see with my own eyes. Thanks

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