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How to approach him after six months no contact?? 😯😮

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12 minutes ago, SooSad33 said:

Nope.. his attitude/ response says enough 😞 .

No more time wasted... find someone out there who does appreciate you.  Believe  🙂


😢 i know. Most people are blaming me though 😂

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I think you have to video call him. It doesn't look like he's going to budge on that. But keep in mind, there's no guarantee that anything you do will "turn this around." There's not a whole lot

You interrogated him about whether he's dating or talking to anyone else. Why do you feel you have the right to know that? You two are not dating. I would presume that's why he stopped responding

Maybe this friend liked you?  As for OLD guy.... I don't know. If you guys were really interested in meeting, you would have. If you reach out or rather I'll put it this way...   What would I d

35 minutes ago, nicole92 said:

i know. Most people are blaming me though

Yeah.. but does it matter... really?

Did you ever have a REAL relationship with this dude?

 It doesn't matter what happened, didn't happen or who is saying what!

Is no on else's business what we do.  Is not their life :).

What would matter (maybe) is those of whom you do reach out to for info, input, etc.

Either way... I don't think much ever go going with this, did it?

So ignore all else.. move on.

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