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Pregnant GF broke up and wants space


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I think you're getting some good advice here. However, I'd like to add that both parties are equally responsible for the use of BC.


OP, I hope this all works out in your favor.



My exwife could not have children. I’m in my late 40s. She asked me if I wanted to try. I want a child so bad that yes I’d take this even if it’s coparenting.


That’s why this happened. It wasn’t planned but it wasn’t prevented on purpose.

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I would be concerned because #1, she's an addict and #2, there has to be a good reason why she doesn't have custody of her other child. Courts don't make those decisions lightly.


I would speculate you wanted a child very, very badly and perhaps that was the driving force behind this relationship.

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No contact officially started today. I’ve been stupid and texted to check on her 3 times since the breakup. With the exception to her texting me earlier in the week to give me the doc dates. The first exam is in 2 weeks. I won’t try contact until that day. Easier said than done but I am doing it.

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I have no doubts this is mine. If she broke it off because it’s not mine why would she still be contacting me to give me the doctors appointment dates and telling me anything at all? If she was trying to trick me into paying roe and raising someone else’s kid she would probably have been better or not breaking up with me.


This woman is being painted to be a bad person here. She’s not.


What I meant is that if she hasn't been as faithful as you think, she might not be sure if the father is you or someone else. Keeping you updated about appointments until she figures that out isn't out of the realm of possibility.


I'm sorry to say, but it's the very first thing that popped into my mind when she immediately wanted space after announcing the pregnancy. She might not be a bad person, but based on what you have written here, she's not the most stable woman and doesn't exactly have her life together either. I think you have been a bit in denial about that.

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She's not going to know who the father is until the baby is born IF that is even what happened. We're speculating.


I would be concerned about her personal issues. The things that caused her to not be granted custody of her other child and her substance abuse issues are serious matters that will affect her ability to effectively parent.

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