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Hey everyone,


I am currently job-seeking and have two offers. In terms of duties, leave, and possible career progression, I believe both offers to be equivalent. The differences are:


Job A

  • Significantly higher salary
  • Long commute (45m)(the salary difference is mor than the additional cost)
  • Larger organisation, hiring because of growth
  • Employer is New Zealander (For context, I live in Japan and have limited Japanese ability. My current and previous employer were Japanese with no major issues, although cultural understandings around work are different)
  • Employer has been a little laissez faire during interview process, for example misspelling my name and delivering offer a few days later than promised.


Job B

  • Lower salary
  • Practically no commute (5m by foot)
  • Smaller organisation, hiring due to staff leaving (I believe as they advertised for immediate start)
  • Employer is Japanese, with a non-Japanese running operations
  • Seems to be more professional in approach to hiring, although during callback, the manager did casually swear which is off putting for me during interview process (though I dont have a problem with it in non-professional setting)


Job B knows about Job A (but not the details of the offer), but not vice versa. I am leaning toward Job A. I am not interested in leveraging the position. I would welcome any advice based on your collective wisdom and experience.




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I would choose Job A, IMHO (in my humble opinion). 45 minute commute is not that bad. I've had worse.


With New Zealand, you won't have the language barrier which will make your job easier.


Have a strict schedule, be organized and you can do it. Go to bed early. Become an early bird (morning person), set up everything the night before such as lunches in the refrigerator, clothes set out, packed bags by the door, etc. so your mornings and commute will be smooth and efficient.


If you're leaning towards Job A, choose Job A.

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You'll have to establish yourself either way, regardless of where you go. I think if you keep that in mind and approach either employers with an open mind and don't appear entitled or prideful you'll be a success anywhere you go. It's good that you have options to advance your career.

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I worked for a Japanese company for six years. It was a great experience--totally different business culture than the US. Everything was finely tuned and precise. I miss that, still. But if the duties are the same, I'd go with the money. Do some saving. It's not a forever commitment, right?


I'm not a huge fan of a long commute, and 45 minutes is pushing the edge of that by my standards. I don't like a commute over 20 minutes, to be honest. Is the commute via public transportation or car?

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Why are you leaning towards one? That's the one to go with... that's your gut. Listen to it.


New jobs are a lot of work, no pun intended. but I tend to look at it this way, I can do anything for a year. It goes fast and you can move on.


In the past, I've had to choose and I've chosen the lower paying job, for a better opportunity for growth.


Whatever you decide, it's a good position to be in. So feel good about that. Take a deep breath and jump in. Don't look back.

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Thank you everyone for your input,


To clarify, both jobs are here in Japan. Job A is just a company established by a Kiwi (also, I am a Kiwi).


The more I think on it, the more Job A seems the better choice. I am looking to stay with whichever job I choose, as my wife and I are settling in the area and looking to start our family soon. I think in the long run, Job A will be smoother and I am encouraged by her success.


I will update again with my final decision when I put pen to paper!




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