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My gf is going to hangout with her oldcrush knowing he likes her

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OP, you've lost all perspective here.


This isn't a real relationship if you've never even met the girl. She's too young and immature for a commitment, especially a long-distance one, and doesn't understand the meaning of the word "love." She is practically dating other guys. No way will she be able to hold out until next summer to finally meet you.


Drop her. This isn't worth it and it's not going to last, man.

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It makes no sense texting a cyberpal who is actively dating others and tells you all about her dates.


You've never met in person so of course she's dating real life men locally.


The best thing to do is cut this friend zone cyberpal situation off.


You're wasting your time and energy on a phantom "relationship".

We havent. .
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There are women who don't do what she's doing. I'd suggest finding one, because when you're regularly stressed out in a relationship, it means it's not the right one for you.


She's 19, and that's a time when a person will not find "the one" to stay with forever. Many want to have many dating experiences to find out what's right for them and what are dealbreakers. You should be seeing this dating experience as a dealbreaker, and learning from each experience as well.


People usually also go through great growth from the late teens to the late twenties. What you want during this time could do an entire 360. That's why people who marry before age 25 have a higher divorce rate.


When you find a woman who matches you in your dating style and has the same moral compass, your relationship will generally be satisfying versus upsetting. I know I had to sift through a lot of sand to find the treasure. Most do. As another poster alluded to, just because someone's pretty it doesn't mean that's all you should be basing your decision on who will be your gf. There's so much more you should be considering. Take care.

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You both were lonely started chatting, flirting, etc. That isn't a relationship and you both don't have ownership in what the other does. Simply date other people, keep in touch. When you make it home next summer, ask her out on a date, take it from there. She's 19 man....she wants attention, and that doesn't make her a bad person. You both are crazy thinking this works...it doesn't. TBH it's a waste of time. Let her go, set her free. You are in uni, plenty of girls to smash there, or to hang with. You are missing out on all the fun.

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