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Advice on dating someone with Anxiety and Depression

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Hi, I looking for advice. I am a 39 year old male and I have recently started dating a 35 female. On our first date we really clicked and had such a great time together. She has a young daughter and there is about an hours drive between us so we messaged a lot and planned a second date, several times she had cancel the second date due to having no one to look after her daughter. We did eventually make it and again had such a good time. After this we kept in touch and started arranging our 3rd date, this proved difficult again and she had to put if of a few times, during this time she mentioned she suffered from anxiety and depression and she felt a bit scared about the idea of a new relationship, I really like her and although know it will potentially cause obstacles in a relationship I am more then happy to work with it. As she was having difficult finding care for her daughter, she invited me to her home for an evening for a third date. We again had such a great time together and things where going really well. The very next day she messaged me a lot and seemed really excited about us, however the following the day she suddenly stopped responding. I left it and waited but still didn’t here, the following day (today) I messaged just a general good morning as we have been for the last few weeks and I still haven’t had any response, I haven’t messaged since as I understand she might need some space or have her own things going, from what I know

about her already I really feel she is the kind of person that would say if she wasn’t interested rather than just cut me off, I haven’t sent anymore messages to give her space and not put any pressure on her, which is why I am asking for advice now.


I really would like to go to try and build a relationship with her and honestly believe she does with me but is scared and anxious. I’m not really sure what I should I do next, should I wait for her to message or get in touch myself in a days? I have already made it clear I am really interested and will be completely understanding to her situation. I would like to tell her how serious I am but I’m worried that may make her feel pressured and anxious.


Any and all advice is welcome please 🙏

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