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Keeps talking about "if we breakup"


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We have been together 2 years and we have a house and 2 dogs together. We are not married. He says we aren't married because my mother keeps pushing him to do so. Also his mother said the same thing and that he wanted to ask me a long time ago.

Two days ago we had another conversation which he started about what would happen if we broke up(I would keep the dogs and he wants the house). He has brought up this conversation multiple times now. It hurts me because I feel as if he wants to leave me. He also said monogamy might not be for him. It makes me think that there is someone else and that he was not faithful in his past relationships though he said he has.

We have problems in the bedroom too. Well, he has the problem. And it drives a wedge between us because I'm not getting the attention I need and he knows this.

Our finances are also together. We started a debt consolidation program together and my credit score is dropping alot. So if we were to break up and he keeps the house, I will have no place to live.

Hes been pushing this since I put 10k into fixing up the house(new windows and new furnace). I think he wants to leave me and take the house after i fix it up.

I dont know what to think. He has always tried to find my breaking point and expressed he is doing so. But i think hes found it by always talking about "if we break up". I dont know what to do.

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