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ya boy is back and needs help


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There is no reason for you to contact her again especially if she's not interested. You have to start focusing on your health and wellbeing. If you're spending a lot of time thinking about her or anxious or fixating on the past or that she's "part of your soul", it's inappropriate. Sorry. You need to distance yourself a lot more.


Keep telling yourself rekindling this has no bearing on your happiness or your future. Whether she likes you back or never loves you again, bears no weight on your self-worth or what you're able to give to another person.

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I mean I distanced myself for 5 months and it was good but I know she’ll never message me first 😂 we had a little break in 2017 because she misinterpreted my tweet and blocked me on everything and spent two weeks crying missing me but didn’t message me ONCE, I had to message her and we instantly sorted it 5 mins later over the phone


So do you see my issue? If I never message her and she won’t message me so it’s an impossible situation

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Can I just add she doesn’t know that I know about her not meeting any new boys or even replying back to Insta DMs, she has no clue I know all this


We'd rather be alone than with someone wrong for us.


I'd leave her alone. Nothing you've said suggests she is interested in rekindling anything with you.

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Fair. Personally I wouldn’t say I’m wrong for her, quite the opposite actually, I’m her best friend and I’m not list why we’re so great but our relationship was near enough perfect


Yeah I guess so. She’s not interested in rekindling w me yet (or ever) but without sounding very arrogant, it’ll be hard to find someone as caring and loyal as me in this day and age - especially at 25

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She's not interested should be plenty of reasoning enough. I think speaking to a doctor about your about your obsessive thoughts, ruminations and anxieties might help put you on a better path overall than what you are on right now.


Are you on any medications or seeing anyone for treatment for the anxiety?

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I mean it’s not a concrete explanation? “Oh she’s not interested” but why isn’t she? Because she’s scared of opening back up to me? Because she’s happily single for now? Because she doesn’t want me? Because she wants space? Could be a million things


And no. I’m just socially anxious sometimes, it’s not full anxiety

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