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Nude beaches and children

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During vacations and travel, my husband and I took our young sons to the lake, beach, swimming pool and water parks where everyone was wore modest swimsuits which was our preference. It was what we were all comfortable with and it's still the same to this day. We're Americans by the way (btw).

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Hi I'm answering this question from Oklahoma, USA. Probably one of the most socially and morally opposite places you can find. There are no places to have any kind of similar experience to a nude beach here. 

I completely support the idea of normalizing human bodies in such a way. I feel the environment I've grown up in has had effects on how I view body image. Everything is pushed into a hyper-sexualized box when it comes to the human body here. Things only to be seen/ discussed in an X-rated theater. This makes for tension and discomfort when having to deal with and discuss anything about my body, even medical things. I wish I would've been more exposed to the human body in a natural way rather than through porn.

I think as long as there is a parents guiding hand present a child can be exposed to and learn about anything. The greatest gift you can give to your child is knowledge.

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