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I think my mom is cheating on my dad.

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Hi I'm a 19 year old girl.I'm writing here because i want some advice as i don't have anywhere else to go.I found out or rather assume that my mom is cheating on my dad and is in "love" with someone else.I'll tell you about their relationship first.My parents have been married for 20 years and are living together.My dad was diagnosed with depression a few years back but he recovered from it.However,his depression is coming back again.He does nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING all day besides sleeping,eating and watching tv.He's too lazy to go even take a shower let alone do some work.He has lost interest in everything and never goes out of the house.He's an introvert whereas my mom is the complete opposite of it.They have a lot of differences my dad doesn't support my mom in anything, doesn't help her in household, doesn't listen to her.My mom is done with him.But one thing i know is that he's an honest man by character.


So what happened was that today i found that my mom sent a pic to a guy she knows(he's married too) which had a quote about being in a marriage but loving another person.she deletes all her messages so i couldn't read the previous messages.i then went to her youtube watch history and saw that she's been seeing videos about things like" is it wrong to love a married man" etc etc.After sometime she even deleted that pic she sent to him.Now,this is a total assumption that she's cheating on my dad but I came to this conclusion because a similar thing happened in the past.Few years ago,my best friend told me that she found out my mom is having an affair with some OTHER man who was also married.my best friend came to know about it because that man is her neighbour and so her wife told my friend's mom about all this when she found out.I didn't believe it at first but one day i saw that guy leaving out of my house when my dad was not there.I also saw some pics of my mom semi nude in her gallery.im assuming she took it to send it to him.I never saw any texts because she always deleted them so i have no proof.I was sick to the stomach but i got over it and forgot about it.But now,3 years later i found about this new man.i don't understand why would she send a quote to a man about loving a married man and watching all these sorts of videos and then deleting it?it makes no sense!I kinda want to snoop around in her texts but i know its wrong so I won't do it.I just dont know what to do?This thing is killing me!Any advice would be helpful.

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