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You were going through a lot and clung to the one thing that gave even a little hope and joy. That's completely understandable. I've been there as well, when you want to believe something even though you know deep down that it's not right just because the thought of losing everything is too much to handle. I think you are incredible for surviving all of that at one time and you should feel good about yourself that you did. I also think you are a strong person and you have the strength to get away from "Robert" and start new. Make sure to break from him completely, don't let him back for a second. Things can get better. Have faith.

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In the meantime, I am here and not in communication with him.

Excellent. Keep it that way. Permanently. Make sure to lose ALL his contact numbers. Block. Delete. Everything. Maybe even change your own contact addresses/numbers to ensure he's not able to reel you back in.

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