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Husband chooses family over me


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My bf and I have been together 9 years. We live together and have a 1 year old son. Ups and downs like any other relationship... but what makes us go into full war mode is when we argue about his family. He puts me second best to his family. They can do no wrong... even when they’re disrespectful to me or my family. I can give examples... one being him and I having an argument and his dad getting involved when he and I were talking (yes talking not arguing) it out, his dad proceeds to come out of their house with the dirtiest look on his face waving his hand all crazy for me to leave while I’m crying...he wanted to come all the way to the car! My bf is a grown man...does he really need his dad defending him?? Or his mother leaving my sisters name off my sons baptism certificate when she was the main person I wanted for to baptize him. Then right after this incident her know I was upset about the certificate, his mother gets my sons baptism pics and picks what she wants before I even get to view them! He just is so stubborn or refuses to see they dislike me... this isn’t often ... but when it does get this serious it’s like he’s willing to choose them over me.. like I’m suppose to let them walk all over me... when they aren’t involved and we don’t see them for awhile we are so great together... he’s a great guy and I love him but I can’t continue to be hurt and feel like and actually be second best to anyone... I’d hate to separate.. I want the best for my son.. us together is what’s best but I guess not if I’m crying all the time from his family overstepping the boundaries.

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