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Missing how good the sex was I had with my ex girlfriend...

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I had a nasty split 2 months ago and it was 100% the right decision to end it as I seen a real nasty, horrible side to her.

But every now and again, thoughts and feelings keep flooding my head on how much i miss the sex and intimate times i had with her, it was out this world. Missing how gorgeous looking she was, her stunning body and all this.

I know this is shallow but I feel stuck with these thoughts.

I'm asking for advice on how to help rid these thoughts and feelings I have for my ex regarding the sexual chemistry we had.


Your help and advice is greatly appreciated.


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it was 100% the right decision to end it as I seen a real nasty, horrible side to her.


Imo, you need to take her off the pedestal with regards to sex. If this was a roller-coaster relationship chances are that what you are really addicted to is the highs and lows. Basically, what you are fighting with at this point is an addiction and you need to keep reminding yourself of that. It was never going to last.

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Relationships take time to heal from. There is no set time on how long it takes, you just have to let it play out. Some days will be great and you'll wonder why you stuck with her for so long. Other days will be miserable and you'll miss every little thing about her. The heart is a strange and funny thing.


When you start missing her, remind yourself of all the crazy and ugly you say you saw. Remind yourself that she wasn't perfect. Do what is best for you and focus on your life. Have fun on your own. Gradually the hurt becomes less and one day you'll realize you don't miss her anymore. You just have to ride the roller coaster until you get there.


And when you find someone who will treat you better, the affection and sex will probably be even more mind blowing.

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I agree with all of the above posts.

Break ups are never easy and takes time :(.


YOu may take a while to get over her & recover.


Best thing is less you know the better - and No contact. Or you will remain in this stuck, feeling awful spot.


Give it some more months- and in time you will start to feel no as bad.

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Why do you have to 'get rid' of it? It's part of your past and that's now part of who you are. Don't fight it so much. If you enjoyed those parts of the relationship, be glad for the memories and good times.


Do you feel guilty for still thinking of her that way?

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takes time, all will settle down, watch something mind blowing to take you off your ex meanwhile but indulge in some positive activities whenever you remember those times it will make you feel better and you wont feel sad about past.

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