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Hello everyone, I have been in a very beautiful relationship with my girlfriend who is also my best friend. We have been together for over 2 years now and I love her morethan anything else in the world. 5/6 months back we started having problems, fighting over silly things and the stuff I say hurts her very bad, these things happen quite a lot recently and last night she told me she is feeling numb. She told me I have become a different person than the one she fall in love with. I ask for her forgiveness and I do the same mistakes all over again, I act immature and silly. I dont know what to do. I am sensing that she gave up on me and I cant handle to even think about my life without her. Pleasee help me for the love of God.

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What happened 5 mos ago? Why did you start fighting so much? How old is she?


What do you mean by doing "silly things" that hurt her? Why didn't you address it rather than just continue?


Asking for forgiveness when you repeatedly hurt someone is pointless. Are you verbally abusive? Do you drink heavily or do drugs? Do you cheat on her?


Did she breakup this time?

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Your words mean nothing when you go back to your bad behavior. If you have an issue and don't know how to argue constructively, you need to read books on couples communication like Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Get that book or another that interests you. Tell her you bought it and discuss with her what you're learning from it, and apply those skills.


Yes, repeated abuse will kill any love a woman once had for you. There is usually a moment where a straw can break the camel's back, and when that happens, a woman is plain done. And it won't matter if you become Prince Charming after that point. Too little, too late.


Since you know it's an issue, and you keep repeating the same bad behavior, perhaps you're turning a blind eye to your real feelings, that you don't care enough. People who actually care want to please their partners with a reasonable request. You can talk the talk, but so far you haven't walked the walk. Decide if you really want to make that major change now and do it, or free her to be with someone who is not immature and silly.

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