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Winter Solstice almost here (21st December).  Yule.  Love this time of year. 

Yuletide is a Celebration of the Return of the Light, the promise fulfilled of Light birthing out of Darkness.

Now comes the Solstice Night
I wish you safe and sound
whether snow be light
or heavy on the ground.

Our hearts bring back the light
as all the earth must do.
May stars fill up our sight
with wishes coming true.

My wish this Solstice Night
is grace and peace to you.

Now comes the time of year
when shadow yields the throne,
the lords of Oak and Holly,
the dance that must be done.

Keep faith and keep your candle.
The sun is sure to rise
o'er the sleepy fields of winter,
bringing beauty to our eyes.

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My friend’s daughter texted to her:

“I think there’s a party going on next door. I hear a lot of footsteps. There are barrels of food and lots of drink - and no-one is wearing a mask!”

(My friend is getting steamed as she reads this description of blatant disregard for COVID rules...)

And then, after a bit, her daughter texts a picture of the partygoers: it’s a bunch of giraffes at feeding time! Her daughter works at a zoo! Hahaha!

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Just now, Jibralta said:

Aw 😍 I love giraffes 😍

That daughter knows her mom well - she knew how to get her mom’s shackles up, just to deliver the punchline!

Yes, it would be cool to have an office by the giraffes. A bit smelly, perhaps, but then that goes with the territory...

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It's finally snowy and blowy here, and cold! Well, this morning I had a Jeep full of last minute deliveries for my business. I got stuck in my driveway, the snow was so drifted and I hadn't had time to blow it out. So I had tried to just plow through. Yeah, didn't work lol! So I shovelled until I got out, and on my way for a day full of driving. 

Got home, and the driveway was cleared! My neighbour must have seen me this morning, and did a really sweet surprise for when I got back. Was so nice! 

I love these new neighbours. Night and day from the last ones, who were a real pain. 

Merry Christmas everyone!! Now I'm looking to set a gift for them for the morning. It makes me feel like a kid. Cheers. 

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