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Is he interested in me or my body?

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There’s a guy i know for a long time bec he basically lives in the same city for years like i do and we live near eachother. (We are both 24h). We only saw eachother back in the days but we didn't talk then. Last year we hung out with a group including him but that fell apart because the other 2 friends had a big fight. Since a short time he messaged me. He also told me he thought i was hot since back in the days already.


First time a few weeks ago he asked me to hangout and later i asked him to hangout (a few days ago). Beforehand he said he’s horny sometimes and he does think im not in that stuff. when He came over to my place nothing weird happened and we chatted for a bit.


Nothing weird happened, he respected it and he didnt even talk about horny things.


It went from that, to cuddling and he layed his hands on my body and he kissed me, after that i was laying in his arms. Told me how beautiful i am, and loved my soft skin. We had a great time. He gave me a massage.I texted him one day later and he took a day to respond because he told me his arm was broken.


Also i notice when im with him he always put’s his phone away and dont even touches it.

Told him to not do wild things and he just opened the snap and left it on read. Asked him for his number but didn't reply but when i talked to him later i said hey what u doin? He said nothing what about u? I said also nothing. I said to him he could come over if he wanted and he wanted but he said he’s a men with needs and that men always will be men.


3 hours later he came over and he was a bit sober but not too much. We had a great time like last time, but he only could use one arm.


I was laying in bed in his arms. He asked me lots times what we’re gonna do and he said i came for u, he said i dont mind I said i don’t mind either. I asked him; what u wanna do? With his smirk on his face he said: i dont think i should say that. And that he wants me.


Later he said i could touch his private part but i was not comfortable with that bec i wanna respect him also, and also intimacy should go up slowly each time. so i told him im not like this immidiately and he said i know but this isn't the first time we hangout, unless you wanna wait when we meet for the 500th time.


I said no not like that but u know what i mean. so i didn't know what to say after so he said it was quiet and he said wow, no answer at all.


When i brought him home i asked him if he had a great time and he said ofcourse i had. I asked what happened with his number and he told me i probably had his old one and he said; ill give it to u, dont worry.


Day later i asked him if he could give his number and he said that his phone was acting weird and he would look into that the other day.


So i was asking how his day was and he said it was allright, he went out with friends and to dinner, and asked me the same. I told him it was a lazy Sunday and he said: okay, thats nice. So i said: well, not really. He said: lol. So i said to him; i hope you had a great time, despite we couldnt do much inside. And he literally sended me the sweat emoji so i asked him whats wrong and he said nothing. I said; what do you like to do?


And he didn't get me and said that i needed to be clear about that. I said something like going to the movies or out to dinner. He said: sorry babe, but im not a type for that. I’m not on relationships right now. I want a girl who is a little bit loose, and i dont only

Like to do sweet things.


And he said he said a few times he was horny etc and he is a man and thats his nature and that he thought i was a badgirl but that he was wrong about that. So i asked him dont u want to be ever in a relationship? And he said: yes eventually but not now.


and i said that it isn't that i dont want to do intimate things(ofcourse i want) but that Meeting 2 times is early to do so. (And yes ofcourse when i see him i think damn, i could do things to him but im still respectful). Im a virgin btw. He knew that for a long time cuz he asked me that a year earlier.


I said u can help me with that: he said: i find it weird you say that, how im gonna help u with that? Im not gonna force someone, if its not in you then it isn't so then its stops. He said im a sweet normal girl which is okay told him i like him but he said it was the same way otherwise he wouldn't stop by. So after texting a lot he said: but im gonna sleep babe, sleepwell.


Any advice is welcome.

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