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Feelings have changed


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My bf and I have been together for a year now. Recently I have brought up that he needs to listen to me and stop cutting me off when I am talking. Also, if I try to talk to him about issues in our relationship, like the cutting me off, he gets very emotional and starts to cry. I don't want to be insensitive, but I feel like I never get to express my feelings because he gets upset and I have to console him. This weekend I got very upset with him after he very rudely cut me off in front of his family on a "vacation" when I was trying to tell him the information I found about the solution to his problem (we needed to rent a vehicle and as soon as I said "I found" he cut me off saying he didn't know how that was going to work before I could even tell him the information). I confronted him about this later and he had a full blown panic attack that I had to help him through. He deals with anxiety issues, so I reassure him about things and let him know it is okey for him to show his emotions and such. Since this weekend he has actively started stopping himself from cutting me off in causal conversations and I see that he is trying. However, this weekend changed things for me. I just feel different towards him now, not in a good way, like I am questioning if I love him anymore and such. This has definately been building up since every time I tried to talk to him I could never finish telling him how I felt since he would start crying, but I just don't know why there has been a shift in my feelings towards him so suddenly. It has been a few days and I still feel weird in the relationship. Any advise would be appreciated.

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