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Guy is Distant but Friendly - Does He Like Me?


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Ok, IÂ’ll make this as quick as possible:


I used to like this guy a few years ago, we both liked each other for almost all of grade school, and then a fallout happened because he liked this other girl, that relationship didnÂ’t last long. Us, being in the same friend group, pretty much nonverbally agreed to not make it awkward. Was it awkward at first? Yes. Did we get over it? Yes as well.


Now we are friends. When I was dating another guy, my friends (mostly guys) would make inappropriate jokes about it, we were just ribbing each other, itÂ’s what we do. He would tell guys to stop because it was too far. Could be friendly, could be not.


When we hang out, we hang out in a group, and itÂ’s a blast. When we text in the group chat, he responds to my texts a lot, sometimes laughing at them if it was funny. However, when we arenÂ’t hanging out but nearby each other (like in marching band), he seems distant.


He isnÂ’t shy, he is an actor and has starred in musicals. Maybe itÂ’s just because itÂ’s not the right time to talk? I donÂ’t know. Sometimes I catch him staring, but it might just be accidental or something. He just always seems nearby. He also asked to use my phone twice to call first our mutual friend to ask for homework, and then another call later for his dad to pick him up.


Just so you know, I rarely text or call individually, usually it’s for homework or planning to hang out in a group. We haven’t hung out alone since our previous “relationship”, if you will.


Okay, hereÂ’s the final question, thanks for reading:


First off, is this guy flirting? I see all of these signs but IÂ’m not sure because I might just be seeing what I want to see, I really have no idea. Second, if he does, how can persuade him to ask me out? I know gender roles are o ur the window and I could ask him out but last time I asked someone out it ended weirdly and I promised myself I wouldnÂ’t ask him. If he likes me enough, I feel like he would ask me.

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