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For me, the 1001 questions is a turn off. That stood out to me in your first post. It's ok to try different things but if it's a going to be a long, awkward discussion when the person may not even be turned on mentally/sexually, it's just not going to work. Oral is also not interesting to some. Maybe just relax more and enjoy your time together without any pressure. When she stops thinking that you keep wanting sex, she may come to you. Do you flirt with each other?


I don't think you should have to keep being with someone who isn't more on your wavelength either. Both of you might not be sexually compatible. She also sounds less experienced with no other reference point besides you so I'd be a bit more understanding about things and patient. Be tuned in also to the way you're responding during sex or foreplay. If you snicker while she does something or vice versa that can intimidate or turn people off. It depends how open you are yourself and how approachable you are in general.

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