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finally got a girlfriend! :)


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It's been a while. I wanted to post some good/happy news for a change, as I've been on here for 9~ years complaining about dating problems and wanted to let others know things don't always stay the way they are. I started dating a lady in early July that messaged me on eharmony. I actually had a cancelled account and didn't have any intention of dating at all during COVID, was really focusing on myself. In fact I only went on there to grab some pictures I had on the site, but it made me appear as active on the site again, and that is how she found me. I read her message and she peaked my interest, so I got a new membership to talk to her. A couple months later, we are now officially boyfriend/girlfriend! :D This is my first official one in almost 10~ years.


I kept working on improving myself over the years. Been doing therapy for a couple years now. I got my career on track and other things in my life in order. The women started to come. And eventually I found a good one now. She's 28, has her own home with a good job. She's very sweet and checks all the boxes for the qualities I look for in someone. She treats me better than anyone I've ever dated in that past and is extremely considerate of my troubled past with girls and fears of intimacy, and is really making me come out of my shell in that department. We talk every day. She's met my family and I have met hers, everything is going great and we are taking our time with things. Even with COVID, we've found ways to make it work. Having some outdoor dates in the park with carryout, eventually getting to the comfort level of visiting each others houses.


I just wanted to share this on here. :) I just wanna tell others on here to not give up. She came along when I actually started to better myself as a person and get a better life together with a stable career and everything. I started to find other means to be happy in life; a pet, my car, little hobbies like woodworking. Then someone came along that compliments my life nicely. And also, you can make dating work in the COVID world!

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I would like to congratulate you on all the work you put in on yourself and most importantly for yourself. This announcement is more proof that once you felt good about yourself good things happened to you.


A few words of caution. Many times when we have a goal and accomplish it we tend to become complacent. Don't allow this to happen in your life or in this relationship. Everyday is another chance to learn and grow as a person and boyfriend.


Relationships take work so make sure you keep putting in the work and never take her or the relationship for granted, cherish it and treat it as the most important thing in your life.


I like that you are taking things slow and are getting to know the real people you both are. In time the newness will wear off but then the true depth can begin.


I am extremely happy for you both and wish you all the best.


Keep posting and let us know how things are going, we always need more good news on this forum!



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So glad you're enjoy a new relationship. Keep up with your hobby! (I didn't have luck with E-harmony. Only went on one date. He was a nudist and I had fun picking his brain about that, LOL, but still don't understand why people find that enjoyable. Talked on the phone with one widower, and clearly nobody would measure well against his deceased wife. I ended up meeting my husband on Yahoo, which I don't even know if that dating site exists anymore.)


Anyway, it's so great that your mistake led to finding your treasure.

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