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Friend scraped another friend's car; just a scrape

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Everyone involved is autistic.


Ok, so my friend Jim was leaving a party when he accidentally backed into his friend Bob's car. Just made a barely noticeable scrape on both cars. Bob wasn't there when Jim made the scrape, but their friends Tasha and Jake were. Jim insisted he tell Bob, but Tasha and Jake convinced him to just shrug it off and at least sleep on it.


Suffice to say, Jim says he feels like an idiot, lol. As I said, I saw both scrapes-- barely noticeable at all. You'd really have to look close to notice. (Nothing broken, thank God, he says. I agree.)


Should Jim let it go and be more careful next time? OR should he at least speak to Bob, Tasha, and Jim?

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Jim needs to come clean before this comes out in the open, and it will eventually. There's also a chance of this escalating where the OP claims there was more damage.


I doubt that any photos were taken at the time...Just something to think about.

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