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My mom will be pissed if I meet my dad's new girlfriend

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Nobody has a right to impose their wishes on you. Kindly raise that as your go-to position, and whoever doesn't like it is an adult and capable of reconciling that for themselves.


Head high, and do what YOU want to do.


So well put.


I would say that what I've bolded is one of the most important, and most beautiful, lessons a parent can teach their child. Unfortunately, in your case, it appears it's something you'll have to learn and cultivate elsewhere in order to establish the kind of relationship with each of your parents that serves your truth, not theirs.

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I would not want to meet the woman who your dad cheated on with. But that's just me..... Since he cheated on your mom, it may be only a matter of time because he cheats on the former mistress-now-legit-girlfriend. If it were me, I would not form a relationship with her and bide the time until she is gone, too.

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