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Is she interested?


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Hey all,


I've been going to this cafe for a number of years - there's a new girl who started working there at the start of this year - she's super attractive. Anyway, I've noticed her more in the recent few months - she is always really smiley towards me and I've noticed she makes more of a conversation with me than any other guest who comes in. I always end up leaving the conversation early as I'm really nervous around her due to how attractive she is and I've always thought that she is way out of my league. I've caught her looking at me a few times in the corner of my eye - one time she was full on looking through the cafe window - we clocked eyes, then I looked away... :eek:


Anyway, last Friday I finished work early and headed straight to the cafe to pick up a coffee before I walk back to my car. She's usually the one serving, but on this occasion, she wasn't, so I assumed she wasn't working on this day - I got talking to the girl who was serving me and the girl in question comes out of the toilet, looks at me, I look at her, she smiles and then looks away, I didn't think anything of it.


That day I unfortunately, saw my ex 3 times, so I shiftted the conversation to the girl I like, I made a joke about seeing my ex, and told the girl I like and she said something like 'Oh god, that's not something you want to happen 3 times!' - then a customer comes in, conversation ends, I head into the toilet and she serves the customer.


When I come out of the toilet and she hears the door unlock, she turns around and starts the conversation again and says "yeah, my ex messaged me last week and said (then she tells me what he said in his message...)" so she starts the conversation again. I grab my drink and she can see my body turn to walk out of the door and she starts asking what I do for a job, taking a real interest with more questions with my answers.


Would you say she is interested?

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Get you butt back into that cafe today and ask her for her number. She told you she is single (my ex messaged me), she has been more than just polite and now she has imitated several conversations with you.


Say this: "I really like talking with you, would you like to have dinner so we get to know each other better?"


The worst thing she can do is say no and trust me it isn't fatal, stings a little but it is not fatal but regrets can haunt you for years.



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Sounds like some high level flirting to me.

Next time you set foot in that door, make the move dammit! You will only regret it if you don't! From personal experience in my shy teenage years I had this happen 3 or 4 times because I kept waiting for the "perfect time" to strike and the moment and girl passed me by! There is NEVER a perfect time, just now.


Do it now!

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