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Don't want to make a fool of myself again

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We all go through trials and tribulations, do things we regret, have moments that affect who we are deep down. It takes strength and character to admit a mistake and even more to learn from it. We can't change the past, but we can use it to make a better future. Sounds like you are doing just that. There are always hurdles and days we don't live up to our goals. But as long as you are trying your best, that's what matters most.


I agree.


I'm only partway through your posts, but from what I can see, it sounds like you are operating from a genuinely good place. You're not trying to hurt anyone.


Unfortunately, that often doesn't come through in the way that you present yourself. Sometimes, you get carried away with your feelings. I'm glad you're going to therapy, and I think it's good that you posted your birthday idea here before you went through with it! The anonymous statement that you posted on 8/10 was a way better idea.


I'm glad you talked to your wife, that she was receptive, and that this whole situation seems to have brought the two of you closer. But I don't think that Jenny would understand or appreciate her inadvertent contribution to this. So, I think it's best that you simply be grateful for the blessing and keep it to yourself.

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