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Is this love worth waiting for or should I move on?

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I have been talking to the same guy for about 6 months now, and I am beginning to question the worth of this situation. When we first started talking we met through a dating app, so naturally I thought he was interested in possibly dating me. We hangout for about 3-4 weeks and he never makes a move on me, but we hangout all the time and are great friends with obvious potential physical chemistry. I finally make a move to later to find out that he was in a 5 year long term relationship that ended 2-3 months prior to us meeting, and he didn't want a committed relationship right now. He had moved states to basically start over and begin his training for his career. At the time I thought about ending what we had right then and there because this seemed like another case of potentially wasted time, but something intuitively told me otherwise. I have dated many men and know what I am looking for. We have an amazing connection and friendship that I've never had before, so I decided to continue and to live in the moment rather than worry so much about the future.


Fast forward to now, it has been 6 months of our "situationship" where we basically act like were in a relationship (doing everything together and being best friends and more), but now this guy has been "feeling guilty" for the more than friends stuff that we do. I've been very honest with him with how I feel, and I feel very strongly for him and cannot hide this. However, he has built walls and continuously tells me that he does not want a relationship right now and sometimes reverts to just wanting to go back to being friends. I have told him again countless times that trying to go back to being friends after being lovers and having feelings is not something I am comfortable with and would actually hurt me more to try to cover up how I am feeling. And at the same time he flirts with me in public or around my friends with me more than I ever do and spends all his free time with me and does not talk to anybody else. I've tried to dig to figure out why he feels guilty when his actions show that he has feelings back no matter what his words say, but I haven't gotten much out of him. I know he "wants" to explore and meet other people, but he is shy and has never acted on seeing someone else. I actually have given him the freedom to do so with the boundary of anything becoming physical would be the breaking point of whatever "we" are. But, he still has never done that. So here I am, wondering if this is worth continuing to be in because he brings me so much joy and happiness when we are together or if I should move on and assume that his excuses for not wanting to be with me are because I am actually not enough? I understand he is most likely hurt from his last relationship and wants to live the "single life". So when I tell him that its okay to move on from this and to go do that he objects because he "doesn't want to lose me". I know love is patient, but at the same time I am not sure if he is unintentionally messing with me emotions or sincerely needs time before committing to me. Our future careers are also unknown as we are in our mid twenties and I feel this may be another reason for his hesitation.

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