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Not sure if this girl is too full-on


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She feels lonely and probably she feels more connected to you even though its early days for you both.

Call instead of text for few days and see how it goes, else it will all become whats app, texts, the accompanying expectations of getting a reply soon etc etc.

if you want to take this slow might as well talk one on one be clear about it.

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LOL...i didn't know that you weren't suppose to text again, if the person hadn't answered. I'm a long winded person, in writing, and verbage! lol. Sometimes I'll text a bunch....send....then remember something else I wanted to say. Or....when I had an actually bf, Anytime during the day, if I thought of something I wanted to tell him...I just told him. By text. I didn't expect a reply right away. That's why I like text, they can respond anytime they want. Even if I've sent 3 texts...not of course saying...hey, what's up....why aren't you responding!??? I have a feeling your new friend was excited about your virtual chat, and probably doesn't get a lot of opportunities to meet people. She's not busy online gaming...just sitting home with dear old dad.


So....if her texting style drives you nuts now, it will really drive you nuts as time goes on. I would just tell her, I'm not on my phone all the time, and I prefer only short texts. And see what she does. She's asking all these questions, because that is what you are 'told' to do....ask questions to let them know you are interested. I would say, ya know, I really liked our chat, but I like things to evolve a little slower.


Good luck......oh. I was on a pof site...(see??? another text) and I wrote a bunch to a guy who wrote to me first. He then responded...I think you talk to much for me! ugh.


Actually what I meant about not sending more texts if you got no reply is if you send a text saying: " Are you OK?", something along those lines. Which this girl actually did. To me that's like putting pressure on the person to reply fast and not really respecting that they might be doing something and just a bit busy. If you're sending texts that just continue on from what you're saying, that's fine. E.g. Text 1: "I was at the cafe just now and I just had a really nice caramel slice". Text 2: "Oh and the coffee is great too!"


I know maybe it sounds like I'm a text police/text Nazi where I expect that people are only allowed to text in a certain style or manner. Of course people are different and not everyone's communication style is identical. I do have experience dating a lot, both male and female. Well female not as much lol I think that at the start of dating it's good to take things slow. You might go on 1-2 dates a week and text a bit maybe every day or every second day. Keep in mind I have not met this woman in person at all. She's texting me really constantly.


Also last night we had a "movie date" where we watched the same movie together. She said: "Please don't worry if you take your time replying because I know we're watching the movie". Then she proceeded to keep sending more and more messages, without me replying. It's like, why say I can take my time if obviously she wants to keep the char flow really constant? Then she also said let's watch another movie together again in two days. Like if this was in real life you'd have a date, then you'd have another date in only two days, and with really constantly texting as well.

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