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Moved away years ago, now I want to delete my social media presence

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Okay so here is my dilemma. I have become more aware in the past that I have made a lot of “personal” postings on my social media over the past 8 years. I now want to be more private while still keeping my social media presence; only lowkey. I moved states almost exactly 8 years ago now, and in my new city I know almost everyone cuz it’s a small town kind of place. I want to sort of delete my social media presence, but mostly only so that people in my current city can’t find me on social media. I think it’s a good idea for future jobs as well to clean my socials, but also make it hard for these locals to find me.


I miss my friends from home and since I don’t see them everyday, of course I want to keep them on my social media. I am wanting to be more private online in general while still being able to see friends posts/milestones etc. My thing is the fact that I don’t really want anyone in my current city to find me online. Like I said I generally know everyone here, and I have a bunch of people I went to high school with during my last two years here on FB.


I literally don’t talk to anyone from this high school anymore, because I didn’t know anyone when I moved. I kept to myself the last two years of high school and graduated almost quietly. Any friends I’ve made while here in that high school I’ve lost communication with. So I want to delete anyone who I don’t even keep up with nor do I want to catch up with on FB.


It’s weird because the high school I went to before in my hometown, I still have friends that I talk to and have on social media, and even people I wasn’t really friends with I would keep on there still. Is it weird that I don’t want to keep any friends I made in my new town on any of my social media anymore? I really don’t know why I feel like it’s weird for me to have people I potentially run into almost every day know my online presence as well. It’s not weird if they’re from my hometown though, because I don’t see those people everyday, and I really made my social media to keep up with my old friends and family.


So yeah my question is, would it be a good idea to just remove any association with people in my current city? I even want to remove any hints of where I live, cuz having my profile setting to show where I lived made it generally easier for local people to find me. Honestly I haven’t been too fond of living here either, and I’m a little embarrassed of some of the people I have befriended in the past, who were either toxic, or just plain not my type of friend (who can still look at my profile since I forget to unfriend them). I’d like to forget about it and pretty much pretend like I’m invisible while I still have to live here for however long until I decide to move.


Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

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Clean up your social media by resetting all the privacy options, deleting unwanted content and unfriending, unfollowing, and simply removing dead weight. It's up to you to control the settings and content and who can view what. Resist oversharing and adding random people. Take a break from social media and use it more discriminately

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Opt to have your profile made private not public through the settings. You can control what non-friends or non-connections see.


I think you are overthinking it. If you don't want anyone to know you on social media, privatize everything and limit your posts on public social media pages (businesses/other communities). That way your name isn't published everywhere.


If someone asks in your new town about whether they can add you, you can mention that you're not on social media often. This worked for me for years. This is code for "no, thank you" without sounding rude especially if you don't log on often enough.


Give yourself a chance to start a new life without all that deadweight as Wiseman mentioned.

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I use a fake name account for this reason. Anything you post can come back to haunt you (even on here). Also you don’t have to give your account out to everyone either. Remember, you are in control.

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Get a good LinkedIn profile with a recent professional looking head shot that lists your experience and education. Join some professional groups on there and follow some interesting companies, companies you worked for resonate with etc. Connect to former coworkers, former classmates, colleagues, etc. It's also not a site you put people you date/have dated on, so no embarrassment there.


Upload your contact lists and start making "connections" with people you know. If you leave your profile public it will come up first if people google you. Certainly "locals" know where you work and other impersonal info about you? It's easy not to post personal opinions or personal info on there. It's an excellent online reputation tool, but you still need to reset privacy setting on personal social media and limit content.

I think it’s a good idea for future jobs as well to clean my socials, but also make it hard for these locals to find me.
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