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Did I ruin a rekindling Chance with ex gf of 3yrs?

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I only say that I am described like that in her story because she has tweeted/retweeted about her most recent ex (me) several times since our split. Usually very negative ones to boot. Even in her newly ended relationship.


Close the chapter, Cc. Do it.


Move on. Love yourself.


It doesn't matter what she writes. Learn from the mistakes, know how to shake off the rest. You have your whole life ahead of you.

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maybe this is best thing that could have happened. you've given yourself time, but you haven't really done the work to let go and move on. one last band aid to rip off.


See her for what she actually is needy and immature. 1. posting snarky memes or whatever about an ex that she is still friends with on social media, WHILE in a relationship with someone else. Sounds to me like a cry for attention and drama... which shouldn't that have come from her boyfriend?


2. the hey message. what about all those snarky posts? oh she needs someone now... so its all heyyyyyy.... you're only the vilian ex when her boyfriend is around. now that she's lonely, you'll do.


Face this hurt and look to yourself. Why does she have this power over you? because you give it to her. believe it or not she's a mere mortal, just like the rest of us. you can and will find better.


Time to man up and forgive yourself. place blame where it belongs -- on both of you. Accept these things happen. We live, learn and move on with new hotties and good times to be had!

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