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Finally get answers Monday about the pelvic mass! (Surgery)

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Hello all,


I’m having surgery Monday. As some of you who have been following me on this crazy journey know, I’ve had a health scare that never got resolved.


First there was the Urologist back in November who did a cystoscope and found my bladder to be normal on the inside. The biopsy came back benign of tissue she took. But she said the bladder mass was on the outside of my bladder.


I then saw my Obgyn Who refused to operate because it was above his skill level. Which I’m grateful for his honesty. He referred me to a Urogynecologist whom couldn’t do anything so she then referred me to a Oncology Gynecologist.


The Oncology Gynecologist then sent me for an MRI that shows the mass grew a little bit.


So she decided I needed surgery and she would remove it because she’s good with more complex surgeries.


So now Monday is the big reveal! I go in for surgery now having concrete answers. This lesion has troubled different doctors. I pray it’s nothing but benign.


All I do know is it’s causing problems physically and psychological as I’ve had anxiety over it!


I ask for thoughts on Monday and well wishes!


I of course will let you all know what it is she sees.


Thank you,



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Thank you all for words of support. I’m in the hospital room typing out my frustrations, anger and disappointment!


The surgeon couldn’t remove the tumor as it was in a spot she couldn’t reach! I’m back to square one with going back to Urologist and I’ve been in tears.


In recovery I had a fever and tachycardia so I had to be admitted to the hospital.


All the surgeon did was remove some endometriosis and a cyst on my right ovary.


She said the mass outside my bladder needs to be removed and biopsy as it looks suspicious but there’s no more she can do for me.


I have a follow up appointment in two weeks with her! I’m furious as to why she couldn’t figure this out before!


I had an MRI before this procedure!


I’m feeling at a loss!

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