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I don't know. I mean, both of them made mistakes. Different timelines, but neither were okay. Weighing the two out though? Looking isn't a crime. I actually support people looking if they have the chance to. You can never be too careful now a days.


Policing someone, now that's a different story. OP admits to looking at his facebook. But it doesn't sound as though it was an ongoing thing.


As for the boyfriend, I agree with Tiny in that he more than likely wasn't as into her as she was him, (at least in the beginning). I do however fault hm for lying and for trying to turn the tables and blame her. That's total bs.


But again this was 2 years ago. Who knows how it's gone between them since. He might be a good partner to her, in which case, the mistake is from the past and should be left there. But not forgotten as it's always good to be cautious.


I don't rake people over the coals for looking though. People lie, hide things, put peoples health in danger etc.


My husband and I leave our devices all over the house. Both of us could look if we chose to. Neither of us have anything to hide. Half the time we pick up whatever device is lying there and use it. No one cares.


If you're that caught up on privacy and hiding things, then why bother being in a relationship? I think people get too high strung over that stuff.


I disagree. People are entitled to their privacy. That's OK if your husband and you look at each other's devices. That is your own choice in your marriage. But I feel like most people might disagree with this. In most cases, people aren't hiding anything dodgy on their phone or social media. But that doesn't mean their partner has the right to snoop in their phone, Facebook, etc. It's called violation of privacy.

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So were you exclusive at the 2 month point? When did you actually agree to become exclusive, if you ever had that conversation?


Other than agreeing with what's already been said by other posters, I notice that you said you've lost respect for him due to his lying (and rightfully so). I wouldn't stay long in a relationship with someone I don't respect. Can you really trust and respect each other from now on?

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