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Hi i have been browsing for a while and saw how people help each other out here by sharing personal experience, so this is my first post and i am hoping to hear from different perspectives.


I met someone about 4 months ago, shortly before i moved out of state. We hit it off and even though i was moving to another state, we decided to start a long distance relationship.

We knew it wasn't a wise decision, but you also don't meet the right person often in your life so we decided to not have any regret by giving it a try.


He hotly pursued me for the first few months , texting and calling everyday. Even though i , at some point was hesitant and reluctant, his consistency really had moved and touched me and in the end i am finally committed and devoted.

Since i moved out of state, i had gone back to the old city to visit him once for his 50th birthday. He hasnt come to visit me yet, due to the lock down situation and various other reasons, but he has been talking about a plan to visit.


Now, our relationship has come to a point where we are gradually texting each other less , the initial hot and heavy phase of texting each other every 10 minutes is of course unsustainable and we both understand and are ok with it going into a comfortable stage....so now we are in a comfortable situation of a good morning text or 1-2 text mid-day and he would call me between 8-10pm each night...which is ok with me, i generally dont give him pressure about when and how he wants to text or call.


Last night something weird happened and the inconsistency in his story caught me.He went out to play golf in the afternoon, and at 630pm, texted and said he just got home.

The whole night went by without hearing from him, suddenly at 10:30pm he called and rambled on about how it was a long and exhausting day and that he just got home from golf followed by going to this bistro with his golf buddies and went into extreme details about how he had some wine/beer and was buzzed and high , how he couldn't stop talking about me to his golf buddies and how he couldn't call me from the bistro of course etc etc.....

he gave all this details in one breadth without me asking about anything.


Now the hole in his story is he texted me at 630pm saying he was home.


My natural reaction was to ask him "I thought you were home at 630pm"

He said "Oh i meant to say we went back to my buddy's home, he lived by the golf course, he said to come over to his place before we head out to the bistro"

Then i said "You drove yourself home after you had some alcohols and were high and buzzed? You normally dont do that ..." ( he is normally very careful with drinking and driving)

He said "I was high and buzzed because i missed you so much i couldnt wait to come home to call you"

He went on to say how much he loved me and how much he couldnt stop talking about me to his buddies.....he was sooo good at making me feel good and i believed him and continued to carry on to have a good conversation for 10 more minutes.


After i hung up, i started to feel weird and uneasy and went back to read his last "I just got home" text sent at 630pm....

Granted, i dont have reason to not trust him, he has been very consistent with me, calling me every night , sometimes twice a night...and i know he will always answer or call me back even when i call him at random odd times...i dont think he has anything sinister to hide from me, but last night's behavior was super odd....i believe he may have gone out with a female friend or client ( he is in real estate business) and didnt want to be honest with me, maybe afraid i will get jealous, but i have told him before if he does go out with female friends or clients, there's nothing he needs to be worried about, i have male friends too, so i am mature enough to understand.


Since we hung up last night, i havent texted him....very early this morning, he sent a Good Morning text at 630am, again very unusual.....lately he hasnt been sending good morning text until past 9 or 10am, and sometimes he didnt even send any until i text him first....i am not sure if there's any ground for being suspicious, am i overthinking? Should i let it pass or calmly ask him about it?

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