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It doesn't matter. If she got it from some dude and sent it to you, why have it on your phone? It doesn't actually convey class.


Yes, i know it doesn't convey class but seriously i meant nothing to me. It was just in the text message weeks ago and i never really looked at it again for second time. She just sent it without me asking for it. Now i want to explain that to him but don't know how to so that he wouldn't misunderstand

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He's complaining about a penis pic but he probably has a stream of porn in his internet history.


If he's not comfortable dating a woman with a kid that's his prerogative, but he should have thought about that before agreeing to start dating. Have you had to cancel dates at the last minute before childcare fell through or something like that? Have dates been interrupted by calls from the child's father or have you hinted that the father wouldn't take kindly to you being in a new relationship? It's things like these that he might consider "complications".

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