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Made a list of pros and cons of my boyfriend. Does this mean I should end it?

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Well let me put it to you another way then....you want him to be thoughtful with you, considerate, romantic. He barely has done that in the past and there's not much hope of it changing now.


If you threaten, he might temporarily do some things to make you stay, but he'll fall back into his laziness with you and won't bother.


It's you who get's to decide whether you stick around for more of it, or not. Though I am guessing that you will stay just to see if he'll change and there's a good chance you'll be wasting your time.


You can't change people. H'e stingy and fairly inconsiderate. That's just how it is.

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I value effort and thoughtfulness. An "I was on my way here and thought you might like this", an "hey you've been pretty stressed, let me help you with X thing", or "since you've been sick i sent you some soup" haha I don't know! That's what I want. And it's not like I'm asking for it on a DAILY basis, It just never happens!


It's never going to happen, either, at least not with a certain amount of resentment from him attached to the gesture. He doesn't get it, and he doesn't want to get it. He's not the one.

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Are you from different cultures or socioeconomic backgrounds? You and your family seem very close knit and seem to celebrate every event and non-event. Your constant and obvious "hints" are off-putting to people.


We've got different family dynamics. My family is very close, and we're more like friends. His family is more traditional as in everything is decided by his dad and they don't usually hang out or talk much, except during meals. We normally celebrate birthdays, Valentine's, Mother's Day and Christmas. They celebrate all that except for Valentine's Day, only his siblings do when in a relationship.

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