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Weakening muscles

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Hi everyone, hope everyone is safe during these times. to start off, i know i should see a doctor with this, but there's nothing open at the moment, 2 of the nearest clinics near me are closed and its a about a mile or two walk to the next one, with no car and no commuting services in my area due to COVID, im stuck.


about a month ago i had a severe neck pain, it was so bad that i couldn't move my upper right body, even my right arm, moving it felt like hell. I was bed ridden for a bout a week and a half before it started to show signs of healing.


shortly after i felt like my right arm was getting weaker by the day, at first i didn't think too much about it but its to the point where even lifting a toothbrush is really heavy for me. i can still lift it in certain angles. I am a very fit guy and i take health very seriously, i eat healthy i live healthy. i cant help but think that the neck pain and my arm weakening are connected.

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Yes, they can be related.


For example, this can happen if you have a herniated disc. The symptoms may lessen or go away if treated.


You should see a doctor, have an exam, and receive a diagnosis.


A mile or two is not a terribly far walk.

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You should absolutely see a doctor, and soon. When things are getting worse, not better, and causing functional impairment, it’s really time to be seen. I understand you have some challenges to access services. Do you have any friends or family members who can drive you? Any money to take an Uber/Lyft/taxi? Seeing a doctor needs to be a priority.

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I can only speak on behalf of the symptoms I've experienced (that sound similar) but mine were a result of cervical arthritis and cervical degenerative disc. Physical therapy has helped somewhat with pain management and mobility and I'm able to do PT via video conference so maybe you can too.


Hope you feel better!

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