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HELP..... Im So Confused... I have two kids a 4 year son 2 year old daughter

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So long story short i met this guy after my first break up with my first boyfriend ever 7 years. I slept with him the first day. Because that was the only thing the tied me to the first guy that he was my first. He cheated lie and put nails under my tire when i was leaving for work. Fast forward this next guy didn't have a job an id a one sentence resume but i didn't judge i felt all those this can come with the right person in your life right. Its was a great time until the cheating starting some girl wrote the his wall she had a good time. Someone at my job showed me. But i stayed people mess up right. But there that same pattern over the first year but now im pregnant with our son. I lost my job car broke down and i was taking the bus to work until some girl want to tried and fight me. Over i guy wasnt even talking to.. I had just brought i house that needed work was put out of my sister house. He was not getting along with my family. They felt like he just wanted money but he never asked for anything.. So we in up sleeping in the house i brought before i met him in a tent. Yes pregnant going to my new job at greektown casino. Fast forward the baby is now about to come horrible experience and the hospital went to 3 different hospital before he was born. Gonna skip that part. Stay with a friend they went to a shelter so i can get back stable he was still lying but wanted me to just follow him. So he in up going to the shelter to time is now up at the shelter no where to go but god kept me. The demestic violence shelter call help me move everything. He didn't want me to go but what else am i gonna do we have a baby. Now during this time at the shelter i get my taxes gave him some money brought a rental so he can get to job interviews. The first day he come and say i haven't sleep in a bed. Can he sleep in the car i had got us a room to be a family as well so i said yeah. Then an hour later he calls me while im in the shelter. And say that can he just go to the room and said just come back and get us he met up with his ex had her in my car drinking she left her phone and he had brought the car back totalled. I now have to pay 10,000 dollars because my people told me to say he stole it but i didn't want him to go to jail and not see his son..im older now smh i was young. Now im at this beautiful shelter dont have to do anything but save and go to work. I had brought a car for 362 needed a some work thought it got done. But he call me like he is back and got somewhere for us to stay i don't have to be in there and we can be a family can he just see his son. I took his son to see his dad car broke down i didn't make it back before curfew they put me out. So i had to go where he was staying. Now we both got temp jobs and i still work at greektown town. He lose his job i go get another car for free man what two tone seats we get into it he throws my phone out the window because he didnt know how god worked. The next day sprung my wrist till this day he have given me black eyes. Spit on me cheated gave me an std when i was carrying his first child. 2years we was homeless one day we sleep out side and walk 8 hours to another city. We both did a water fast both got a job and then he got stab. So we came back here stay with family they put us out again went back to a shelter. I became a welder and got us a house. Where we stayed for two years he for a way to make a few dollars as i went to work. Then some one burned down our house. And we was back in rooms. Went to ga because he said he didn't feel safe we was in the house at 3:30 on jan 7 2019 in the morning with our kids he work us up he said he smell thing burning it was our house. He said his best friend did it later down the line after they fell out. So i quit my job and went to ga for a fresh plus i never been there so we are in rooms his hustle is paying for taxes come again i get a car we can find a home there so now we go to Texas nothing there so back to michgan we go but i have no plans of continuing to do what we was doing before putting our kids in danger whatever happened. We both can work. He rook it as im just trying to stop his money new house im working he is watching our two kids. And complaining saying i should pay him and that he not no babysitter. He liked the fast money but all money is not good money and no we was not selling drugs.. He had a snow powing job before he got stab thats how our daughter was born..

Fast forward he feel like he did enough for 8 month's like sh## stop. He fought at a room and has been fighting me at our home coming in drunk. Come to find out he had a whole two year affair still talking to the ex that he had in the rental on dating sites and fighting me in front of our kids sent me to the hospital. The last thing that happened was this past January calling me names fat ugly man flatback alot of . But god knows my heart so the last day he didn't come home till 8am i had to missed work they he was trying to take the car again talking about a hair cut im like you should of did that yesterday. But the

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You are obviously able to take care of yourself. The problem is, you keep letting him back into your life. He tears you down every time.


You have to cut this guy out of your life. As long as he is part of your life, you will struggle.

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