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Where do I start. Basically there is me my ex and this girl I know that my ex ran into when me and my ex were separated. My ex told me at the time that he ran into this girl I knew. He told me that she was struggling. So I acted like I cared for her wellbeing by asking him if he managed to get her number so I can check up on her. He said "no" I said really? He was like "yeah" i asked him again over the phone and he admitted that he didnt get her number but he gave hes. Immediately I was pissed. After this happened he changed he number for me . But I saw that he looked her up on facebook the same night he ran into her. I asked him why and he said he was "curious' to see what she looks like. I said "what do you mean, you already met her in person today" he said "yeah" and was smirking and avoided telking me much. Later kn down the track I still was sceptical and uncomfortable, kept wondering what happened, if anything happened between them. So I asked him things. One thing he told me is that she showed him pictures of herself. Mind you I dont know if that was via her facebook or what. But that may explain why he found her facebook, maybe she showed him on hes phone. He told me he gave her smokes.. and I think he said they were in the car for about a good 10 mins talking... I'm not sure if he said they had a smoke together or not but I think he said they did. My ex got rid of facebook for me but a month or 2 later went behind my back to get it. Why would he get facebook behind my back unless hes wanting to talk to her??? I received a gift from him recently for my birthday. I told him I like pandora. Before I received the gift I saw the girl wearing the exact same braclet. Same brand, same colour and same style.

Are they secretly talking to eachother and I dont know about it?, is it just coincidence? Or did he buy us both the same gift... or did he see her wearing and and decided to buy it for me. And if he did see her wearing it, it means they must be seeing eachother behind my back. I dont know if I should approach him about the braclet, mention her? Or ask if hes seeing anyone in general.

Eventually he got so mad at me asking me about her he snapped many of times. But how can one not ask so many questions when they also go behind your back to get facebook that they specifically deleted for you to make you feel more comfortable. Hes excuse for getting facebook? I can watch videos on here I cant get on instagram. What you think i should do?

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