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Still hope or let it go?


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Hello, I really need some help. I fell in love with a coworker and I tried to forget about him for 6 monts. We are both taken (im married and he has kids). One night we were at a meeting and I could control my feelings anymore, so I told him. We were together that night, we both fell in love, since that its been a rollercoaster. We meet a couple of times, we kissed, talked and more..

He isnt happy in his relationship, neither am I. I love him deeply. I know its not good, cause we are both in relationships, but I do belive in real love. His girlfriend found out about us and since then they are figting even more than before. We still kept seeing each other. The problem is, he cant decide what to do, some days he is all over me and other days he sais he cant do this, because of his morals. When I loose hope in us, he contacts me and writes me: miss you and its really hard for me, ( we dont write or call every day). We meet last week and had a wonderful time. Then yesterday he told me he has to do something, because he cant work normal anymore and he said breaking up with me is also an option. I was in shock. How can you give me hope one day and then do this few days later? He allways says hes soul is falking apart and he wants to be with me, but doesnt know how.

My question is, should I still have hope in us or no? Im really heartbroken right now. Thank you for anwsers.

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