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Quick update. Broken up 7 months. Confused where we stand

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I posted a few months back, so I'll keep it simple. My ex gf were together 3 years, we had a kid together accidentally (was adopted but this made us close). Did a small amount of pleading, got emotional on calls, so I went no contact in February for over a month.


Found out she texted a friend about me during this time. Since then I've contacted her. On my birthday a month ago she texted me two birthday texts. And ended one with a heart emoji.


About a week later I asked her to FaceTime, I kept it cool and confident, and we had a fun conversation. I went silent for 2 weeks then one morning she texted me "Hiii how are you doing?" we texted a bit then she asked me if I wanted to FaceTime. Again had a fun conversation made her laugh, and she ewen brought up old memories.


She's still in contact with my mom and her mom still texts me from time to time. Everytime I end a text with my ex she sends a blushing emoji.


One problem is she's in Germany (I lived there) and I can't visit because of corona. Does it sound like she's still interested in me? Early in the breakup she said "I donnt want to be with you right now, (I was dealing with depression) but I see myself with you someday.


Since I went silent and acted confident and didn't bring up getting back together is when she started reaching out. Do you think I got. Chance?

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