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Boyfriends ex-girlfriend died


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This might sound bad of me to say, but the good news is this ex is not a competition to you at all. Because, well, the obvious, she's dead. To be honest I think it is kind of normal to grieve for someone you knew who died, whether it was an ex or not. It always comes as a huge shock and it is definitely very sad. He might not necessarily still have been in love with her but he just had that care for her in his heart. Sometimes you still care for your ex's because that person was special to you once. If I found out my ex from ten years ago died, I would be sad too.


Not everyone grieves in the same way and some people prefer to be left to themselves to grieve and they don't want to talk about it. Not to sound sexist but I think men often don't express their emotions because they weren't brought up to cry and show emotion. I've noticed this in a lot of my male friends. I guess the best you can do is probably let your boyfriend know that you're there for him and if he ever needs to talk, he can lean on you. How do you feel about going to the funeral with him? You could go to support him but I guess you didn't know her. I think it's your choice if you want to go to the funeral or not.

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everyone gets a piece of you. some lager than others.


I wouldn't worry to much about this. I think its natural he's hurt. You're feeling invalidated by his grief towards her death, as if it means more than what he feels for you.


express to him you are there for him if he needs. And let him deal with this. when he opens up, and he may if you give him time. just listen.

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