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Broke up with boyfriend of 4 years and need help please!

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So I’m 25 and my ex has just turned 33.


About 8 weeks ago my dad passed away very suddenly and it really took a toll on me, about two weeks after his death my ex and I got into a massive argument over something silly (he had become distant since the passing of my dad). Well the day after the massive argument I rang him whilst he was at work and decided that I needed to leave and for us to break up, he wasn’t being supportive of my family (I’m a carer for my sisters) and I don’t blame him because my god are they ed up but I felt like I had to chose between him and my family and he said he felt like he was “losing himself” so I thought the best thing would be for me to leave.


Well since then I’ve realised this was the stupidest decision I’ve ever made, however he won’t talk to me. I just feel upset that after nearly 4 years together it’s ended like this?

I suppose I’m just looking for some advice as to whether I can make it right between us, we had a very loving relationship before my dad passed away, we had our issues but nothing major.


I’ve accepted the role I played in the break up, I can be extremely hot headed. I’ve also lost weight and started online therapy and I’m feeling really good atm! However I know I made the wrong decision in leaving my ex.


So my questions are does anyone have any stories of getting back with an ex and being okay? Or does anyone have any ideas on how to contact him without seeming needy?


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated please! I know people say ex’s are ex’s for a reason but I honestly would love to make things right between us.

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He’d gone out to the pub for the night and he wasn’t answering his phone so I was very worried because he always answers his phone. So I was ringing him and joking saying “you’re sleeping in the spare bedroom” and “bish why aren’t you answering me” so when he eventually came home I was sat watching tv and he responded “don’t start!!!” And then we just argued and I tried walking off and he was like “you always walk off” so I responded with “I don’t like your behaviour right now that’s why”.

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